Spray foam is a way of repairing or improving many different issues with your roof, it is an excellent spray application for Roofing, walls, freezers, coolers, pipes and A/C ductwork as well as other odd jobs.

It’s the future of insulation and roofing but it must be done properly.

Preparing the roof or any surface is essential. by power washing and removing any loose existing cap sheet and drip edge would give the polyurethane foam a better adherent to the roof surface.

Roof needs to be clean from any dirt, rusty metal, moisture free and in good warm weather, After preparing the roof a primer that is adhesive and helps the foam to be applied because of its black color and its chemical mix.

Foam roofing and insulation is actually a polyurethane foam product which is used for waterproofing and insulation as well.it is a fire rated and title 24 that comply with all city codes roofing and insulation applications straight to the roof of your house or building.

Foam roofing is liquid polyurethane that has been applied by spraying onto the roof surface that was prepared before and ready to accept the foam application.

Foam roofing will help reduce the costs of roof replacement by preserving an existing roof design. Foam roofing can be sprayed on an existing concrete, metal or asphalt roof cap sheet.

The color of polyurethane foam when it is applied is yellow and it needs to be protected with a top coat layer of either elastomeric coating ,silicon or any top coat that the client wants and fit to the needs of foam covering because the foam is UV sensitive.

Spray foam roofs may be the only roofing system that you could afford to own. Spray foam is sustainable and helps your roof to overcome years of wear and tear. Spray foam roofs won’t allow the air and moisture directly strike the rooms. It is watertight within 30 seconds of being applied to a dry, clean substrate and does apply to flat, pitched, saw-toothed, and domed or having unusual slopes or configurations.

Spray foam can solve these problems efficiently, while using a minimum of mess and disruption for you, it is definitely a new and better warmth material than some might think.

It is over 3 times stronger than the standard fiberglass insulation. Foam roof insulation has proven to resist over two hundred mile an hour winds.

It’s the best solution to solving this issue before it becomes an expensive problem.

Maintenance roof and lifelong coating

After completing the roof project the only maintenance that is needed is to apply the coating every 10 to 15 years with very minimum cost to value.

Coating needs to reapply because of its UV deterioration after many years.

The great benefit of recoating and not replacing the roof after 15 years it’s the cost involved.

Foam roofs can last for 40 to 50 years with good maintenance that other built up roofs need to be replaced after 10 t0 15 years.

Applying a recoat involves cleaning the existing foam roof surface and applying a layer of acrylic-based elastomeric coating. This protective coating layer will extend the life of your foam roof system. To get the maximum value When additional recoats should be applied once every 20 years. By recoating, you benefit from long term savings by never having to re roof again! A recoat costs less than 25% the cost of re-roofing. Ocean Seven Roofing Recoating: protect your roof from harmful UV and extend roof life.