We cannot stress enough how important it is to insulate your attic!

Insulating your attic will most likely give you the biggest bank for your buck. It provides your with several benefits. The most important one is that your HVAC system will start to operate a lot more efficiently. This is particularly true if you deice to install our product over your entire attic (floor, walls and roof) in addition to around the ducting. If you do this you will start to notice that your cooling/heating unit will be enabled so that it works more efficiently – yielding higher output and utilizing less energy. That means a no hassle, more comfortable living environment and lower energy bills for you and your entire family. Another added bonus is that since your equipment doesn’t have to work as hard it most likely will last longer and your costs on maintenance and repairs will be significantly lower.

Our service can also add significant value to your home, which comes into play when you decide to sell it. It has been proven that our product seals our home environment off better than all other products. That is a great selling point to anybody wanting to reduce the invasion of pollutants and pests into their house. Things such as insects, rodents, pollen, mildew and mold have a tougher time getting inside your house thanks to the amazing Ocean Seven Roofing and its incredible capacity for creating an air and moisture tight barrier. It has even been proven that our product provides the building with structural strength.

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