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Flat roof installation. Heating and melting bitumen roofing felt by flame torch at construction site in Los Angeles.

There are as many roofing materials as there are roofing styles. One of the key factors that determine the type of roofing you install is the slope of the roof. For many flat or slightly pitched roofs, torch down is preferred to other roofing types. If you are looking forward to a roofing project, it’s useful to understand more about torch down, and know whether it is a better choice for your roof.

What Is A Torch Down Roof & Benefits Of It

A touch down roof is simply a roofing system with modified bitumen as the roofing material. To make the roofing product, a tough membrane is embedded in a thick asphalt layer. Rubbery materials with high quality resins are added to make the roofing flexible (for contraction and expansion).

Making a torch down roof

Torch down comes in rolls of one roofing square. It is rolled out across a low sloped roof using an open flame. A roof is considered ‘low slope’ if it has a roof pitch of less than 4:12 or 4” of rise per foot.

The entire width of the rigid membrane is heated to melt so that it can bond tightly to the existing roof or sub deck. When well applied, the membrane adheres to the metal flashings so strongly that it moves with them instead of cracking as other roofing materials do.

Benefits of installing a torch down roof

  • 1). Flexibility:

Modified bitumen is known for its excellent flexibility. Using this material to make a roofing product significantly boosts the roofs ability to expand and contract accordingly, an ability that’s further enhanced by addition of rubber.

  • 2). Durability:

Asphalt and resin are pretty resistant to abrasive damage and UV rays. The roofing will neither absorb water nor melt during extreme weather conditions.

When you install torch down, you are looking at 15+ years of repair-free roofing that remains steady throughout the seasons.

  • 3). Improved aesthetics and reduced energy bills:

The rolled sheets come in many cool colors so the roofing gives your house a more eye-catching finish. This is good not only for aesthetics but also for increasing the value of the property in case you want to put it on the market.

You will also make some money savings on your energy bills. Some of the colors are rated “energy star”, meaning they are great reflectors of the sun’s rays. The roof does not allow heat to seep through, which helps to keep your structure cooler so you don’t have to spend much on cooling.

Some roofing experts also argue that application of torch down using an open flame makes the roof more fire resistant.

  • 4). No-fume roofing:

Unlike other roofing materials that produce fumes that are unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly, torch down does not produce any fumes even when heated.

Due to its sophisticated application, torch down should only be installed by experienced roofers. They are well-equipped and knowledgeable on using open flames on roofs safely as they bond the material with the metal deck to provide the best roofing for a flat or low slope roof. Experienced roofers are also insured so as the property owner you are not accountable for any loss in case something happens. Consult a trusted roofing contractor in your area to know whether torch down is the best roofing for your house.

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