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My Name is Ron Mor, I’m the CEO For Ocean Seven Roofing Inc, and I promise you Exceptional Customer Service.

Ocean Seven Roofing, Inc is one of The Industry’s Leading Polyurethane Foam Contractor.

Our services Includes Roofing, Insulation, Cool Roof & Polyurea Application.

We Specialize In Commercial , Residential & Industrial Buildings.

We have been established since 1994 as a Family-owned and operating Business.

Our staff is highly trained, Experienced, Responsible and do a Great Job.

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Polyurethane Foam Roof Los Angeles

Excellent For Both Old And New Building

Reduces Pest Intrusion

Reduces Outside Noise

Reduces Allergens

Improves Your In-Building Environment

Save Up to 50% On Your Utility Bills


  • Ron installed a new Spray on Roof on my Commercial Building. The installation went great. The Roof looks Great. Highly Recommended.

    Don Goodwin Roof
  • Ron did a great job. The quote was reasonable. We got some spray foam insulation for our company out in Los Angeles. It has dramatically improved our roofing situation.

    Thomas Johnston
  • I chose Ocean Seven Roofing because they took time to explain the process and was very thorough explaining full process. Answered all my questions. They showed up right on time on day one and made sure everything was in ordered not to damage any property while removing old installation.

    Gilbert Teel

Your New Roof Contractor in Los Angeles by Ocean Seven Roofing

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When it finally comes time to have your roof replaced, you will be facing some pretty extensive operations. The good news is that the professional contractors from Ocean Seven will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are left with a valuable product and a maximum service life.

Our team of professionals has extensive training and experience in this aspect of care and we can help you find the that will fit your home and budget perfectly as well as endure the local elements keeping your safe and warm inside.

The following article will include some top pointers on what to expect from this process and how are special brand of service and attention to detail can make all the difference. You will find here some of the most common questions our customers ask when they first discover the need for a new top.

1. How Much is this going to cost?

It will be important to have a set budget when entering this project so that you know what materials and services you will be able to plan for. Replacement cost are affected greatly by many factors including size and shape of, quality of building materials, degree of pitch and even the location. For a smaller project using fairly priced materials, a replacement can cost anywhere from $5000 to $7000. Of course, some of the costlier materials may improve the life span of your considerably.

2. How long is this process going to take?

this is another point that can vary greatly. Typically, a replacement won’t take longer than a week. But there are factors that can change this figure. If the weather is poor and shows no sign of letting up, certain aspects of the project will not be addressed and will have to be postponed until better weather conditions. Larger projects as well as those with features like gables, skylights, cornices and other irregularities may also add some time to the work estimate. The experience and size of the working crew will be another important factor that affects the duration of the project.

3. What is going to Happen?

As you may imagine, having the roof taken from the home and a new one installed is not a small task and the process will affect the functionality of your home at least temporarily. The first day the old will need to be taken down and a large dumpster may be wheeled into the property to collect the debris. It may be good idea to notify the neighbors of your plans to perform this task so they can make appropriate preparations.

Why You want the Experienced Qualified Professionals from Ocean Seven for this Task

Having your done by the reputable local professionals always brings about better results. Following are some of the prime ingredients in our quality brand of service.

-Upfront Prices

As mentioned, prices for replacements and materials as well as service can vary greatly. This is a good way for the nefarious to make a few extra bucks on the side by throwing a figure here and an extra multiple there. But, these are amateur tricks and no way to make a stunning impression as the Los Angeles authority. We will not only help you select the best type for your needs, but also work with you to cut back the prices without losing any quality or value to your final roof. Expect the best replacement at the best rates.

-Time Conscious Crew

Getting the timing just right is another important part of a replacement job done just right. We have lots of experience in keeping homes and unfinished roof safe during a sudden shower and can help you schedule your roof replacement for a time with the greatest chance of success. We also have special skills in dealing with irregular roofs and those with a especially steep pitch. These factors can cause projects to drag on if the contractor is not experienced, but count on us to get your just right the first time.

-The Roofing Process
From the initial inspections to the final installations, we can handle all aspects of your replacement with care and expertise. We work clean and safe and can promise a minimal amount of disruption to the regular work you do about your home. We will take care to discuss our plans with anyone whose access may be affected by the replacement work.

The materials we use are of the highest quality, but, ultimately, the longevity of your roof depends greatly on the expertise with which it is installed. We ensure that your materials will last as long as expected and then some with proper care and maintenance. This ensures it will be many years before the projects is repeated.

Final Notes on Ocean Seven Roofing Contractors — Importance of Cleanup

The is a big part of what makes a home a home and taking it off can be a messy business. You may have small kids or furry companions that could be adversely affected by the project but rest assured we take every precaution to ensure our somewhat dangerous task puts no one else in danger. From safety materials to magnetic finders we ensure no nails, glass or even harmful dust will be spread through your house to harm any of your fellow residents.

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