What Are The Expected Results From Our Insulation?

Are you sick and tired of having to adjust your thermostat constantly to stay cool during the heat waves in LA? Or during the winter do you notice areas with cold drafts? Our service provides the highest insulation value compared to all other products. So even if your believe that your house is well insulated with traditional batting or blow fiberglass, trust us, it could be a lot better. As much as 50% better actually. According to studies, retrofitting an existing structure using our insulation can save you as much a 50% on your utility bills.

When when standard fiberglass materials are at their absolute best, the problem is they enable air to get through the insulation barrier and then into the dwelling. On the other hand, our product creates a thermal barrier that is impermeable – it completely seals your environment off and doesn’t allow moisture, air or anything else to get through. It also has a lot higher insulation value (“R value”) compare to other kinds of materials. Studies in fact show that it is two to four times better than any other kind of insulation.

We recommend that you directly apply our product underneath the roof deck. That is the first step in getting a thermal barrier formed. If your house has an attic, you will also want to use our product on the floor and walls to prevent your attic area from super-cooling or super-heating during extreme weather. It is critical to have a completely sealed attic since the air that gets trapped in it can easily find it way into your living areas via the small nooks and crannies that cannot be sealed off by traditional insulation due to the limitations of its design.

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