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You only want what’s best for your home; especially when it comes to your roof as it’s one of the things keeping you sheltered from the harmful elements of the outside world. You want your roof to last for a long time, that’s why maintaining it should be your priority.

Due to the roof’s constant exposure to harmful rays of the sun, wind, and hail, it tends to get damaged and will eventually deteriorate.

There are many roofing materials out there on the market that can be used as an effective roof replacement, but only one best suits your home. You have to choose wisely as roofs are considered an investment and can provide aesthetic value to your humble abode. With this said, hot mop roof is one of the most preferred roofing by homeowners.

The process of hot mop roofing involves melting blocks of asphalt in a huge metal cauldron. It appears like a bubbling witches pot before is flows on your roof. The process entails pumping the melted blocks of asphalt up to the roof area and spread all over the roof. One may get burned but professionals have the skills and expertise to do it so you don’t have to do it yourself. This process is repeated with layers of fiberglass and felt in between up to the point when they gain the desired thickness. Some installs usually need some materials to be placed on it when completed. River rock or Pea Gravel is commonly used. Hot mop roofing process also uses shingles.

When it comes to shingles, There are varieties available. Glass fiber asphalt shingles can be used as they have a glass fiber reinforcing mat that is made in the shape of the shingle itself. The mat is coated with asphalt or tar, which contains mineral fillers. The glass mat provides the shape and structure of the shingle while the asphalt provides the waterproofing material that will keep rain and other precipitation from penetrating the roofing surface upon completion.

The other form of Hot mop roofing shingles is the organic asphalt shingle. This shingle features an organic felt material shaped like a shingle, which is then dipped into the asphalt or tar to form a strong and waterproof shingling material. The difference between these two varieties is that the organic version has about 40% more asphalt or tar per every 100 square feet, making the organic version longer lasting durability-wise, and also heavier – which makes them harder to blow-off the roof during extreme bouts of windy weather. The benefits of hot mop roofing include;

Easy Maintenance – It uses Asphalt shingles that requires only minimum maintenance as it is made from organic compounds and fiber glass which are easy to clean.

Look and Cost – Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of textures and colors. It is manufactured to look just like expensive and natural-looking materials (slate, cedar, tile, or wood) you often see in posh homes. What’s more is that it is cheaper than other roofing materials. You can save much by purchasing this affordable yet high-quality material for hot mop roofing.

Weight – Roofing materials like metal, wood, and slate are often heavy and can cause serious damage to the house once they get knocked down by strong winds or hails. Although materials used for hot mop roofing are not the lightest, its weight can assure you that it won’t cause any problems. The good thing is they cannot be blown away by strong winds neither for they are firm.

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