Owners today are more concerned than ever of their fluctuating property values and rising energy costs. Wall-Tek SPF insulation (both the open-cell and the closed-cell formulations) provides multiple “solutions” when used in all types of construction. A superior insulation, SPF offers qualities like air seal and moisture control, construction rigidity, long-term durability and sound deadening properties; all features making it an affordable design option. Energy Star® studies indicate that air leakage can account for 25-40% of the energy used to heat / cool a typical building. SPF may well be the only insulation that permanently seals walls, foundations, roofs and most importantly, the transitions between components.


Once applied, SPF stays in place, just as it was installed. Wall-Tek brand SPF is “monolithic” and “spray-applied” which allows it to conform to unusual shapes and surfaces without any penetrating fasteners. It does not settle or sag, and there are no joints, voids, or gaps for air to pass through with SPF. Closed-cell spray foams have successfully been used for over 30 years; Open-cell foams have extensively been used for over 10 years. Both foams offer many of the same benefits, but there are some primary differences: Closed-cell foams offer the highest Rvalue per inch. Open-cell foams are only 50-60% as efficient per inch. Closed-cell SPF is rigid which adds strength to the building, and the closed-cell structure resists moisture and water flow. Both products will totally seal the surface and reduce potential air flow…but the closed-cell SPF foam will stop drafts at a lower thickness.

Maximum comfort and efficiency

Wall-Tek spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a seamless, cellular, premium plastic insulation. An SPF insulated facility will use less energy during the heating and cooling life-cycle of your home, office or warehouse. This reduction in energy consumption will not only offer an economic payback to you, but it will also reduce your “carbon footprint” in the environment.

  • Energy efficiency – one of the highest “R-values”
  • Acts as a seamless barrier – eliminating drafts
  • Improves air quality with less infiltration
  • Moisture and condensation control – reducing mold
  • Improves HVAC equipment efficiency
  • Eliminates voids, does not sag, or settle
  • Adds structural integrity – reducing costly framing construction requirements.
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