Poly-Sil™2200 CC Silicone

Corrosion Control System for metallic surfaces

Restoration – The Poly-Sil™ 2200 CC System (Silicone Corrosion Control) will extend the life of your painted structure. If the coating you apply is not intact in a few years, you will have to prepare and paint again. This system has addressed critical elements in corrosion protection; first is film longevity, and second is adhesion, and also meeting VOC regulations. CC is engineered to form superior bonds. Coating & Foam Solutions has the answer with a silicone topcoat material. Silicones have been extensively used in construction for decades and have been proven to resist weathering better than organic-based coatings. Silicone has superior resistance to UV so it will last. The coating must stay adhered to the structure and resist the expansion and contraction created through thermalcycling and other weathering cycles, Poly-Sil™ will adhere exceptionally well while remaining flexible.

Invest in Long-term Silicone Protection…

The coating of tanks, structures and process equipment is a significant economic and a long-term decision. There are cost, application, and environmental protection issues you must address. And you have many product options to consider… Poly-Sil™ 2200 CC silicone coating, compared to other corrosion coatings, provides our customers with increased economic benefits; while offering superior performance. The formulation of Poly-Sil™ 2200 CC enhances adhesion to prepared metal, and also to existing coated substrates, exceeding the adhesion of conventional coatings such as: urethanes, alkyds and even current epoxies. Additional benefits are realized from the reduction of abrasive blasting and priming in the preparation process. Labor costs and down time can be reduced during the application due to fewer coats being required to satisfy specifications.


Poly-Sil™ CC coating application is a sound choice. Think green. A major painting project generates massive amounts of waste and often that material is non-recyclable. Silicone coating is renewable and less coating is required. When weathering does wear-down the mil thickness, new coating can easily be applied over it. This may be 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. Reflective white coatings reduce energy consumption and lower surface temperatures. Silicone coating is high-solids, compact, efficient to transport and VOC compliant.


Removal of the previous and failed coating system, while incurring tremendous cost to the project, can also pose risks to the contractor and the property owner through exposure, damages and disposal. The application of the Poly-Sil System can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a project with full abrasive blasting and priming, thereby greatly reducing project costs.

The superior adhesion is created by stronger bonds to metal substrates. Poly-Sil ™ 2200 CC will even adhere tenaciously to tightly bonded rust. The oxides in the rust are incorporated into the cured silicone coating. Additionally bonds are found to be superior on white, blasted metal surfaces. These same chemical bonds create a long-lasting coating, which exhibits minimal degradation from UV light, a major destructive force for organic coatings. Supplied as a single-component product, Poly-Sil™ is easy to process and simple to apply. It has high solids for VOC compliance, the volume solids are 69%. The physical properties include elongation over 260%. And Poly-Sil can be used in high temperature applications. Cash in on the many benefits of Poly-Sil™ on your next project. Poly-Sil has been trusted and the performance proven for more than twenty years. Please contact CFS for additional information, specifications, costs and product ordering information.

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