Ocean Seven Roofing Commercial Recoating System

The Recoating is a protective coating layer that extends the life expectancy of a foam roof. With no recoating, a ocean seven roofing will last 20-30 years. However, with recoating, Foam roofs from ocean seven roofing have proven to last a lifetime.

Get 45 years out of your original Ocean Seven Roofing with only two recoats. To keep your Foam roofing its renewable state, the first recoat should be applied at year 5 and the second at year 25. Subsequent recoats are applied to the foam roofing system every 20 years. The following sub-pages explain how recoating extends roof life: UV Exposure, and Maintenance Schedule. This is by far the the greenest and most cost effective way to roof.

Following those time line assures that the original foam roof is preserved in its renewable condition. The recoat layer takes the beating of sun, wind and rain while the underlying original foam roof continues to perform like new. Applying the initial recoat early (at 5 years) assures proper adhesion and also assures that the original roof doesn’t wear out. For example, if you were to wait until year twenty to do the first roof Recoating, the roof surface would already be too worn out to receive a Recoating. The top layer of coating works like sunscreen, extending roof life for a twenty year period. UV Exposure explains the role of coatings in extending roof life.

  • Primer: The first step in installing a reinforced ply roofing system is to apply a coat of CCS-10 Primer on a clean roof deck for adhesion and surface preparation.
  • Base: The next step in a ply roofing system is to apply a coat of CCS-1000 Acrylic Elastomeric Base Coat to receive the reinforcing mesh layer.
  • Reinforcements: Next, reinforce all flashings, penetrations and roof transitions with either our R-Thane Roofing foam or CCS-FM knitted polyester fabric mesh. After preparing and reinforcing all irregularities, roll out and overlap a layer of knitted polyester fabric mesh, imbedding it in the base coat.
  • Top Coat: Apply a top coat of heat-reflective CCS- 2000 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating to completely encapsulate the knitted polyester fabric mesh.
  • Finish Coat: Lastly, apply a finish coat of CCS-3000 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating to provide maximum reflectivity (up to 85% of the sun’s energy) with its bright white color. The result: a cool roof that’s truly cost-effective!

Foam roofs

consist of a layer of foam covered over by a layer of acrylic coating or paint and just like any other paint, it wears off. One highly unique advantage to a foam roof is its sustainability. You can simply reapply the paint to continue the life of the roof.

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